Vehicle Impound

We Can Do It All

AAAC Towing has been successful in the tender to hold the government contract for services in the towing industry on four consecutive occasions, thus ensuring all AAAC Towing sub-contractors have a Police Clearance to enable them to handle any of the WAPOL Contract work.

Initially we were awarded the contract in 2001 and consequently re tendered in 2003, 2005 and again in, 2010 and were successful each and every time.

AAAC Towing is currently operating eight secure storage facilities where you may collect your vehicle upon completion of an Impound period, please read the frequently asked questions for more details on collection of your vehicle or contact our team direct through our Inquiry form or by phone during business hours.

How to Collect My Vehicle?

There are a number of requirements if you are collecting your vehicle from AAAC Towing Pty Ltd storage facility.

The registered owner of the vehicle will need to attend any Police Station with appropriate ID and proof of ownership to complete a “79D Release Form” that is required under the Road Traffic Act 1974 Section.

This form must be completed properly by an authorized person from the West Australian Police Service and presented to our office with supporting documentation that you are the person on the paperwork otherwise we will not be unable to release the car to you.

All associated costs need to be paid in full before the vehicle will be released, unless you have been approved for a payment Plan through the Vehicle Impound Unit.

When to Collect My Vehicle?

Your vehicle will be available for collection from AAAC Towing Pty Ltd storage centre at the end of the impounded period which is 28 days or in some cases 3 months if you are a second time Hoon Offender. You will be required to provide 48 hours notice of your intention to collect your vehicle prior to doing so. This way our team can ensure that your vehicle is ready for you to collect promptly upon arrival.

Upon contacting us 48 hours prior to collection we will then confirm costs, payment options, storage facility where the vehicle is held.

Payment Options

Vehicles will only be released when you have paid your account in full. AAAC Towing Pty Ltd accept all Major credit card other options are, eftpos, BPay or cash for the release of vehicles, no cheques will be accepted. Upon payment you will be issued with a receipt for this payment.

Can I Send Someone Else?

Yes! Anyone nominated by the registered owner can pick up the vehicle, provided the release form has had the appropriate section completed correctly. Upon arrival at the yard they also have to provide photo identification with the “79d Release Form” and the impoundment costs are still to be paid prior to the release.

What If I am late picking up my car?

If you are late in collecting your vehicle from AAAC Towing Pty Ltd storage you will incur additional fees. Please be aware your vehicle may be relocated to another yard after 7 days past the due collection date, further costs may be applicable for this movement and payable by you prior to collection.