AAAC Towing Continues to Support Variety WA with 'Scrapped 4 Good' Project, Turning Scrap Cars into Donations for Sick Children

April 1, 2023

Attention all! We at AAAC Towing are proud to support Variety WA, an amazing charity that helps kids living with sickness, disability or experiencing disadvantage. To support the kids that need it most, we’ve come up with an innovative way to raise funds – Scrapped 4 Good, where we donate the proceeds from scrapped cars to the charity. Recently we took our unique first step in the project, by processing one of the incredible Sculpture by the Sea pieces from the event on Cottesloe Beach in Perth (it definitely turned some heads on the back of the truck!). We were honoured to assist our charity in this inspiring event, and we’re asking for your support. Let’s come together to make a difference in the lives of these children. Donate today and help us continue our mission of making the world a better place, one scrapped car at a time!