Vehicle Release form

WA Police will release an impounded vehicle on or after the scheduled release date, the registered owner of the vehicle is the only person that can collect the impounded vehicle from the WA Police contractor. The following information must be supplied when completing your Release application form.

If you require someone else to collect the vehicle on your behalf you can nominate them on the bottom of the application and provide proof of their identification.

Failure to attach sufficient information will result in your application not being processed. A request for further information will be sent to the applicant.

The following information is required to progress your application:


  • 100 points of identification to the WA Police contractor.
  • Email the release form to the Vehicle Impound Unit.
  • Include identification of the authorised person to collect your vehicle if required.
  • Payment of all towage and storage cost associated with the vehicle impound.

100 points of identification must be produced before the vehicle will be released, please refer to the Vehicle Impound section of this website for information.

Note: Photo identification must be included in the 100 points. A vehicle will not be released unless photo identification is supplied, if you are unable to produce photo ID you must attend your local Police station for a stamped release form.

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