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1. Only the OWNER of the impounded vehicle can enter into a Time Payment Plan agreement with the Western Australian Police.

Owners must make their application within 14 days of the schedule release date of their vehicle to be eligible for a payment plan.

The Applicant must be present when collecting the vehicle from the impound yard, as the applicant will be required to sign the application form for when the final costs are updated. All costs along with any additional storage rates for the impounded vehicle can be obtained by contacting the storage yard.

2. Upon approval of the application, the applicant will be financially liable for the total costs at collection (A) (refer to Application form).

An approved application will remain valid for 7 DAYS only from the approval date; after this period a new application will be required. The applicant will be advised by email, SMS or telephone when the application has been approved or declined.

Should the applicant later wish to make any changes to an application it will be cancelled and the submission of a new application will be required. An applicant will be ineligible to apply for a payment plan if there are any existing outstanding payment plans or fines owed by the applicant (the applicant can be on a payment plan for the outstanding fines).

General guidelines:

3. A Minimum Deposit of 60% of the Total Cost at collection IS REQUIRED.

The Balance of Total cost at Collection “A” less Deposit “B” (refer to Application form) will be made by six (6) fortnightly payments; this will be calculated for equal amounts to be paid over the chosen period.

4. If the applicant is not in a financial position to recover their vehicle they may wish to consider submitting an 80JA requesting the Commissioner of Police to sell an impounded vehicle. On receipt of an approved 80JA application no further storage costs will be incurred.

5. A payment plan is NOT PERMITTED if the vehicle is released as a result of an Early Release Application being approved. A condition of early release will be that payment for impound costs is made in full (Section 79E Road Traffic Act 1974).

Once the application is approved:

Notification is made of the approval. The Authorisation for Impounded Vehicle Release form is sent to the Storage yard by WA Police.

The Applicant is to book an appointment with the Storage yard and arrange for the collection of the vehicle. The deposit is to be paid at the Storage yard upon collection.

100 points of identification must be produced before the vehicle will be released. Please refer to the WA Police web site at for further information.

The outstanding balance for the impound cost, the applicant will have to wait between 6 to 12 weeks to receive the final tax invoice from WA Police for further payment to be made.

Written applications to be sent to:

Vehicle Impound Unit
Western Australia Police
Fax: 08 9373 2420


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