Our Fleet

AAAC Towing has a modern, well maintained fleet of over 60 vehicles that are equipped with the latest tracking technology ensuring the vehicles are always under surveillance from the time of collection until the time of drop off.

Mini Tilt Tray

ZAK Trucks

Street Lifter/Hiac (only one in Australia)

Zero Degree Drop Deck

Quick lift Tow Truck

Rotator Tilt Tray

Dual cab Tilt Tray Tow Truck

4 Tonne Tilt Slide Tray Tow Trucks

7 Tonne Tow Trucks

10 Tonne Tow Trucks

14.5 Tonne Prime Mover

Our team of drivers / sub contractors are:

Available 24 Hour – 7 Days a week

Experienced, professional, courteous and licensed drivers

Offer a range of different size vehicles for the transporting of whatever you require, including

cars, small trucks, machinery, forklifts, boats and caravans Specialising in prestige’s motor vehicles

Secure, video monitored and patrolled storage facilities Eight convenient storage and collection location throughout Perth




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310, Treasure Road N, Welshpool