Accident Gallery


The following photos for viewing are quite dramatic and may be disturbing to people.

We are showing these photos as our contribution to support the “Zero Road Toll” campaign.

There are many contributing factors to accidents and if we can contribute in some way to save at least 1 life in will have an adverse affect and save at least 1000 people from grieving for the loss of someone they know or love.

Technology has gone a long way in designing safety into vehicles but it can only protect us to a certain degree.

A vehicle is a dangerous weapon on the road and needs to be recognised as one and respected

A vehicle is like a can of unopened tinned consumable, strong always on standby and ready to use at any time. We open up the can and it has sharp edges and extremely dangerous if mishandled, just like a car, open up the bodywork around us and it can have a devastating result.

Please consider oneself, family, friends and others when driving on our roads.

Having patience when driving and showing respect and consideration towards each other will not cost anything, it may actually save a life.

You may be surprised on how good you feel especially when your action was acknowledged by the other person by way of a smile, nod or hand signal of appreciation.

A smile, nod or hand signal of appreciation when someone has shown consideration to your needs on the road does not cost anything


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